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A unique quality of The National Institute is the module class system. The following courses are only offered as modules and can be taken the week before the spring semester in January and one week after the spring semester in May.

  • Strategizing for Church and Campus Youth Ministry
  • Counseling and Communicating with Contemporary Youth
  • Cross Cultural Youth Ministry

These courses count as part of the regular semester even though they take place at different times and days. A person who passes the May module class receives three (3) credit hours which is added to the total of hours taken during the regular fall semester. If the student takes fourteen hours during the fall and three hours during the May module, then his/her grade report and record will show seventeen hours taken. A student could take as low as nine hours during the semester and take a three hour module and show a twelve-hour semester on the record.

By using the module program, a student can usually double major in various fields without the problem of course conflicts during the semester. It may also help those in sports, working students, and others who could use the extra time to study.

The one-week module is intensive training which is covered in forty-two contact hours. Assignments for all module courses will be communicated to the student in advance of the upcoming module. All completed assignments must be submitted to The National Institute for grading unless otherwise noted by the instructor.

Biblical Studies Core

BIB 214-Evangelism and Discipleship

This course will train students to cultivate and develop positive relationships with the non-churched. Students will learn methods of sharing the Gospel with children, youth and adults. The role of the local church and methods of discipling believers to maturity will be examined. Specific approaches will be explored for reaching atheists, pantheists, cults, and various religions. Three (3) credit hours.

BIB 410 – Contemporary Issues

This course will teach discernment of contemporary theological issues such as the woman’s role in ministry, chain of command, charismatic theology, baptism and ordinances for youth, music styles, media choices, career choices, sexuality and homosexual lifestyles. Three (3) credit hours.

Youth Ministries Core

YMI 214 – Foundations and Philosophy of Youth Ministries

This course will help present a biblical philosophy and modern history of Youth Ministry. Strategies will be developed for identifying the role of Youth Ministries and integrating the youth ministry into the local church. Students will gain an understanding of contemporary adolescent issues and the essential ingredients needed to make an effective youth ministry. Areas of discussion will involve: the role of discipleship, evangelism, women, parenting ministries in the church as well as methods of building a volunteer staff and youth team. Three (3) credit hours.

YMI 224 – Strategizing for Church and Campus Youth Ministries

Strategies will be developed for: establishing a strong ministry team, effectively ministering to junior high and senior high students, home schooling and the role of the public school in youth ministries. This class will establish the role of the Christian school, home schooling and the role of the public school in youth ministry. Pertinent legal issues will be discussed in relation to the church and Christians in public schools. Methods of evangelizing, discipling, and mentoring future leaders will be assessed and various curricula will be evaluated and analyzed. Strategies for meeting the needs of youth in complex family and societal structures will be developed. Three (3) credit hours.

YMI 314 – Cross-Cultural Youth Ministries

The student will learn how to assess relevant issues related to specific cultures and how to target the needs of youth within various socioeconomic groups. This class will develop strategies for meeting the needs of youth in a cross-cultural context and how to church plant using youth as a target group. The students will be taught how to train youth leadership to accomplish church planting and development. This class will be held in a cross-cultural setting offering hands-on training. Three (3) credit hours.

YMI 324 – Counseling and Communicating with Contemporary Youth

This course will explore the methods of communicating biblical and spiritual truth to the youth culture. Students will be equipped to prepare and deliver effective oral communication, and training will be given in such areas as how to incorporate music as a part of a youth ministry. Counseling tools and techniques will be presented for working with families and crisis youth counseling situations. Students will also be apprised of legal issues connected with counseling. Three (3) credit hours.

YMI 494 – Personal and Professional Orientation to Youth Ministry

A description of the call and qualifications of an effective leader will be discussed. Plans will be developed for recruiting, leading, and building a volunteer staff and how to establish and maintain staff relations within a chain of command. A description of a discipled student will be presented. Methods of networking youth ministries and creating a long-range planning strategy will be developed. The student will create and maintain his/her own personal ministry resume and written strategy for youth ministry. Three (3) credit hours.

YMI 410 – Youth Ministry Internship

The internship program is designed to help the student gain experience in a hands-on setting. Internships will focus on youth ministry programming and the development of youth ministry programs to all areas and people. The following information relates to the guidelines and procedures of the intern program. Any questions concerning the internship program should be directed toward The National Institute.

In order for a student in the Youth Ministry Major to take part in an internship, the following criteria must be completed and considered.

YMI 214 – Foundations and Philosophy of Youth Ministries
YMI 224 – Strategizing for Church and Campus Youth Ministries
BIB 214- Evangelism and Apologetics
BIB 410 – Contemporary Issues
YMI 314 – Cross-Cultural Youth Ministries (Only internships in a cross-cultural setting)

A well-balanced understanding of and a long-term commitment to youth ministry are primary features of the internship program. Each youth ministry major will choose an intern location which best suits the strengths and needs of each intern. Also, mentor evaluations, youth ministry course grades, certification program performance, and progress, as well as attitude toward youth ministry will also be considered. The internship will be an exciting and rewarding part of each student’s college and youth ministry experience. Three (3) credit hours.